Meet The Team

We are a woman owned AND run business with a dynamic duo of ladies who put in a lot of work behind the scenes to help designer and owner Natalie keep things running smoothly. Let's meet them both below!


Photo of Krystal, our newsletter creator, wearing a black and red patterned sweatshirt

Meet Krystal 

Krystal McRae is the lady behind the newsletter magic you get in your inboxes. A lifelong Brooklyn kid with a love of music, food, laughter, social justice and family, Krystal has a background in communication and writing. While not writing newsletters for Etymology Jewelry, she's an event freelancer and part time rockstar if we say so ourselves.
Leanne Stumper, Etymology Jewelry Lead Production Assistant, Sits with her jewelry display at a table

Meet Leanne 

As lead Etymology Jewelry production assistant, Leanne Stumper is a self taught jewelry craftsmen based in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked in jewelry production, design, and fabrication for the past 5 years and is currently a freelance artist honing and developing her own jewelry brand.  


It is the greatest joy for designer and owner Natalie to work side by side with such eager, precise and accomplished women.  A enormous thank you goes to both Krystal and Leanne for contributing to the continued success of Etymology Jewelry